$7500 – Monthly HS Program Staff Salaries
Supporting our High School Program Staff is the best way to ensure that students at both Franklin High School and McDaniel High School can thrive in impacting their communities.

$2500 – Monthly College Program Coordinator Salary
The CPC’s efforts in organizing and supporting ACE students enables a exponential capacity in connecting students, faculty, and partners together to advance Community Based Learning initiatives in PI, at Franklin High School, and at Portland Community College.

$1000 – Student Advisory Board Tools
The Student Advisory Board’s Strategic Goal for the year is to gain voting access on the Board of Directors. Our Cultural Audit also brought up the need to advance student voice. They plan to use these funds toward recruitment and legal fees in advising the board as to how to proceed.

$500 – DEI Organization Training
We are building a DEI Foundational Training that all new PI members alike will engage in when starting with PI. From this our board, staff, students, and volunteers undergo a DEI Organization Training that builds off of the common language in the DEI Foundational Training and dives deeper into an area of need. This year’s training was about power dynamics and has led to continuing discussions between staff and board.

$250 – YLC Student Stipend
Students from Franklin and McDaniel participate as a small group in the Youth Learning Cohort to gain a deeper understanding of specific social justice topics. They use the knowledge they gain to host a social justice focused event for their community. Each student receives a $250 to help support them as they are also

$100 – Monthly VEP Events
Students in the Volunteer Event Program at Franklin High School and McDaniel High School are provided a base of $100 to plan each monthly volunteer event. Development Committees within each VEP take on further resource attainment if they deem necessary.

$50COVID Precaution Materials
To make sure our students and staff stay protected and follow policies, we provide N-95 masks, face shields, and thermometers.

Check or Cash Donations

We absolutely welcome check and cash donations. Please send us your donation to the following address:

Passion Impact
5106 SE Powell Blvd
Portland, OR 97206

Stock Donations

We do accept appreciated stock from companies that are in line with our mission. If you’re interested in donating appreciated stock, please reach out to Stefan ([email protected]) to discuss the process. Thanks for thinking of us!

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