ACE Program

Community College students aren’t always as connected to their campus and peers as students at a 4-year institution. Many look for a community that speaks to them either socially or through their classes. The ACE position is designed to provide the access and avenues for community college students to tap into volunteering, Community-Based Learning (CBL) classes, and Community Service Work-Study (CSWS) positions.

ACE, or Advocates for Community Engagement, is a program that currently partners Passion Impact with Portland Community College (PCC) CBL Department and PCC Financial Aid. Students who matriculate from Portland Public Schools have the chance to work as ACEs and receive payment through the Federal Work-Study program.

Students are hired as ACEs undergo two terms of training and application in the field along with mentorship from ACE Specialists and ACE Supervisors. As they are promoted, they receive raises and more specific responsibilities that tie to increasing the sustainability of the program.

ACE Specialists are devoted to connecting specific professors and their classes to nonprofits that host volunteers events that correspond to the curriculum of the class.

ACEs who wish to gain more managerial and leadership skills are invited to apply to the ACE Supervisor position. The responsibilities migrate to managing all ACEs, the training, and the relationships with professors as ACE Specialists graduate. The sustainability of the program is heavily dependent on the ACE Supervisor because it solidifies the circle for students to grow from an ACE in training to cultivating the growth of the program.

Are you a student currently enrolled at PCC? Want to apply to become an ACE? Learn more and apply by clicking below!

The skills that ACE’s learn, practice, and teach are designed to prepare them for careers where customer interactions are most prominent. This includes sales, promotion, events, public relations, and more.


If you work with an company in this any of the above industries and may be interested in recruiting ACEs, please let us know and we’d be happy to chat about partnering!