Ada’s Summer Internship Experience

I found out about the summer internship because of the VEP. I joined my junior year as a member of the advertisement committee. One of the draws of the internship for me was training to be a leader of the VEP next year. The first time I planned an event I was out of my element, and even though I had a group and eventually figured it out I thought that training would be helpful in order to get the most out of the events that I wanted to plan. Another thing that interested me about the internship was the opportunity to attend workshops led by leaders and professionals.

So this summer I have been able to learn the ins and outs of successfully planning an event and being able to hear from leaders on topics including post high school opportunities and making healthy financial decisions, I have had a lot of fun doing it!

One of my favorite parts of the internship is having in person meetings. I like to be able to check in with the other FHS interns and the MHS interns about what they are enjoying and to be given the opportunity to collaborate on larger projects like the VEP recruitment, the SAB recruitment, and the presentation for the showcase. It is especially fun because we are all able to build friendships that we can take into the next year of VEP.

I have also learned new skills doing the internship. One of the most complicated for me was how to use WordPress to edit the website. That experience involved me learning new skills that I could use on that project, but also that I will be able to take with me after the internship.

Overall I have had a lot of fun playing games, learning new skills, and working with the other interns this summer and I would definitely seek out opportunities like this one again!


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