AJ’s Summer Internship Experience

After coming into the Passion Impact internship for a second time after already being involved in the program for over two years, I thought  that I wasn’t going to learn all that much. I joined this year’s internship cause I really loved being a committee leader for the 2021-2022 school year and I wanted to continue that involvement into my Senior year. Plus, the stipend didn’t hurt to motivate me. Thanks SummerWorks!  Despite my misconceptions, the Passion Impact team did not fail at expanding my personal mission and perspective on the world.

From learning how to manage personal caseload, communicate with local professionals and businesses, engage with local organizations through volunteerism, and push my understanding of the world and the people around me, I’ve been able to truly grow and watch my peers develop alongside me while also having a great time. From aggressive Spoons competitions, or seeing who could come up with the best answer for Scattegories, the Passion Impact Summer Interns have come together as community leaders but also as friends. 

Coming into my Senior year at Franklin, I’m having to make a lot of tough decisions surrounding my future and post high school aspirations. Being able to come to our weekly Thursday VEP meetings and know I’m gonna have a dependable group of friends to hangout with and play games, but also collaborate with and organize meaningful events brings me a lot of peace and stability. I hope this program will continue to motivate and foster personal growth within other students just as it did for me.


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