Alina’s Summer Internship Experience

Hello! My name is Alina Gurrola-Mendez. I am a senior at McDaniel High School and I am a part of the MHS internship this summer! This is my second internship with Passion Impact and I was so excited to see what was next for MHS. During this internship with the MHS team, we worked on a variety of projects. This also included workshops, Ted talks and more! But this summer MHS main focus was on our projects. One project we focused on was the volunteer event. The MHS team and I have been working to create a volunteer event. The volunteer event we created is a school supply drive for our community and families at MHS. We want to support our community by giving them an extra hand, by providing school supplies. For me this volunteer event was different and special this year. After having past experience with Passion Impact I was ready to improve myself and grow in the skills I have. Not only was this internship an experience but it was an opportunity to reach beyond what I have now. This summer something that stood out to me was the workshops. There were workshops that I got to connect and have an experience with. Out of the many workshops I had during this internship the one that stood out to me was the “Personal statement workshop.” This workshop stood out to me because of the meaning behind it. This workshop to me was about identifying my beliefs and values. Following that, I made a statement that says what I am doing to connect with my values and beliefs. Since this was a very meaningful workshop I had to reflect on my life and what I live by everyday. What I reflected on was my intentions and purpose behind my decisions in life. I got to fully connect and understand that I need to live my life by living my beliefs and values. Not only did this impact me personally but it also impacted me as a leader in the MHS team. Overall this summer internship experience was great! Not only did I get to improve on my leadership skills but I got to connect and learn new things about myself as a leader and a person! 

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