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Volunteer Coordinator – AmeriCorps VISTA Position

Passion Impact is currently accepting applications for our second Full-Time AmeriCorps VISTA member to serve low-income students and students of color through community volunteer engagement for the 2018-19 school year.

Why is this position needed?

We are determined to provide and encourage community members who represent the students we serve to lead the organization. Cultural, ethnic, and other specific values will be introduced to our programming in ways that gives the community a voice to help guide students in our mission.

How will this position the community?

The AmeriCorps VISTA member will continue to support the current standing committees and will build areas for growth in Passion Impact. This includes leadership opportunities with increased training and setting the stage for the youth we serve to express their voice on Youth Board. Much of this position will hinge on the relationships developed throughout the course of service and we hope to see the new VISTA’s time provide strong community initiative.

What will be the result of second year of AmeriCorps VISTA service?

Natasha, our current VISTA, has made great strides on organizing the on boarding process, training, and growing partnerships with nonprofits for monthly volunteer events. By the end of the second year, we envision the AmeriCorps VISTA member continuing to grow each committee that were established in the first year, training committee chairs, retaining committee members in ways that empower them to serve on the Board of Directors, and building a solid Youth Board framework.

In partnership with Campus Compact:

Campus Compact has helped make this position possible with their focus on providing supporting programs for AmeriCorps members to see their service through a racial equity lens. Over the service year, the AmeriCorps VISTA member will engage in multiple trainings surrounding racial equity and injustice in an effort to provide better service for the students whom we serve.

In addition, internal conversations at Passion Impact will surround capacity and support services for the specific students of FHS and the surrounding communities. This open dialogue will also include other measures of equitability in order to provide the most appropriate support for each committee members and community.


How do I apply?

This is a rolling application with a focus on best mutual fit.

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Understand the position as a whole and what benefits your receive for your service.

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Apply directly to Passion Impact with potential for a first round interview.

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You will be required to apply through AmeriCorps in addition to Passion Impact.

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Do you have any questions before applying? Reach out to us at [email protected]