Anabelle’s Summer Internship Experience

After being a part of the Passion Impact Summer 2021 Internship for the past 6 weeks I have learned and grown so much. I’ve been a part of Passion Impact for the past year as an eventer in the VEP and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made throughout my high school career. So applying for the internship was a no-brainer. Throughout the internship, I grew my abilities in leadership, communication, teamwork, and building, as well as self-discipline. 

One of my biggest skills and challenges during this internship has been practicing self-reflection. I’ve always been so on the go and pushing myself to meet new goals that I have never taken a moment to reflect on what I’ve done. From moving to a new school and neighborhood, making friends and losing friends, transitioning from middle school to high school, I never took a moment or period to reflect. But during this internship, I’ve really practiced that skill. From workshops, TedTalks, and assignments I’ve been able to look at my past and reflect on those decisions I made. 

One of my favorite projects of the internship has been meeting up in our FHS mini-group and planning our volunteer event and recruitment for the upcoming VEP. Over the past year due to COVID and no school, I haven’t been able to see many friends and it’s been great to connect with my fellow leaders and hang out while also doing something productive. We are planning a period product drive and distribution event with for the Franklin community to donate products and money for us then to package individual period kits. The goal of the event is to combat period poverty and insecurity for our community to ensure students don’t have to miss school due to menstruation. 

Overall, for the past 6 weeks, I have learned so much about myself and how I show up within my community. Especially how to accurately reflect my morals and beliefs to others in a way that shows my growth in self-awareness and respect for my community. 

Written by: Anabelle Jukkala

Edited by: Isa Hensley and Stella Holt Dupey

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