Anti-Racism Statement

Passion Impact stands against all hate, prejudice, biased actions and speech toward any community or systemically marginalized group of people. We denounce the racist actions and the anti-black policies used against Black people since the beginning of colonization and slavery. We denounce the hate and racism that has fueled a rise in anti-Asian hate incidents across our country and the globe since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. We denounce the racism and colonization that has led to the forced assimilation, seizure of Indigenous land, and violence experienced by Indigenous communities. We denounce racist and hateful rhetoric and actions that perpetuate the flawed belief that any marginalized community is lesser than or do not belong because of their racial identity. Our organization’s vision is that students become self-affirmed community members who pursue their passions to achieve a healthier world. 

To achieve a healthier world, we commit to eradicating racism and prejudice in our individual lives, our organizational culture, and our collective communities.

To achieve a healthier world, we commit to eliminating  our complicity that leads to forced migration– the global climate crisis, wars, and other violence.

To achieve a healthier world, we must recognize that we are settlers on stolen land, and work toward repairing our relationship with the land and the indigenous communities whose land our communities are settled on.

As an organization, we are dedicated to supporting youth throughout their pursuit of a healthier world by prioritizing equity and equitable practices. In addition, we engage our youth and all members of the Passion Impact community in ongoing social justice learning and anti-racism education.

Approved by the Board of Directors 9/22/2021
Updated Version 1.1 10/2022

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