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Passion Impact has summer internship opportunities available to high school, undergraduate, and graduate students.
Below you will find all the information needed to understand what is expected of you.

Applications will be accepted until: May 28 at 11:59 PM

NEW!!!—->    Passion Impact is accepting pairs of interns of each position to increase the ability to work in teams, act as mentees and mentors for each other, and to connect high school and college students.

Next Internships Run:

June 19, 2018 – August 16, 2018

We foster an inclusive culture of unique experiences and diverse backgrounds.
People of color, people with disabilities, LGBTQ candidates, and all other minorities are encouraged to apply.




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If you enjoy a sense of adventure, learning from and imparting knowledge on those around you, and working in a creative environment towards a mission greater than yourself, this will be the internship program for you.

These internships are for people who have a positive and determined personality. In the startup world, much of the work that is conducted is highly volatile which means that you must be willing to accept failure, learn, and move forward without falling apart. We recognize that saving money wherever we can is extremely important. Sacrificing comfort for our mission means that we are able to make a larger impact with our students.

Our focus for you will be to accomplish the objectives of your internship while at the same time increasing soft skills aptitude. The “Executive Perceptions of the Top 10 Soft Skills Needed in Today’s Workplace” article references a study that “indicated that hard skills contribute only 15% to one’s success, whereas 85% of success is due to soft skills.” With heavy emphasis on communication, integrity, and courtesy, we encourage our interns to also focus on improving three of the top 10 soft skills.

Passion Impact is committed to maintaining a positive and professional environment that is free from any and all harassment and discrimination. Anyone working with, volunteering for, or representing Passion Impact in any capacity should feel safe and comfortable at Passion Impact. It is unlawful, and a violation of Passion Impact’s policy to discriminate or harass an individual based partly or wholly on the person’s race, color, national origin, age, religion, disability status, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information or marital status. Any and all harassment will result in either discipline, suspension, or termination of volunteer, intern or employment at Passion Impact.


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“Passion Impact is an incredible organization with super talented, intelligent, and (not so surprisingly) passionate individuals who care and believe in what they do. I went into Passion Impact very open minded and excited to learn and grow, and have loved and enjoyed my experience every step of the way. During my internship, not only did I gain work experience in marketing and sponsorships, but also I learned organizational skills and got to do some exciting collaboration and team work across the board. I wouldn’t trade this experience with anything else. If you get a chance to join Passion Impact, take it and run with it!” – Yarra SP’18

“My internship with Passion Impact made me a better volunteer and more engaged community member. The Passion Impact team creates an environment that fosters creativity, and allows students to develop their position and skills without limitation. I was able to learn new technical and soft skills in just a few months that will be direct benefits after college.” – Nick SP’17

“I’m definitely getting to apply what I’ve been learning [in school] which is helping me build skills and make them stronger…I’ve learned a lot about how to write emails and about how to use the technology that Passion Impact uses.” – Shelby SU’16

“Pushing myself to do what I promise to do.” – Alan SU’16

“I am definitely learning how to use different softwares with developing the donor network. I was expecting to do more donor networking and communicating, but am building the foundation to be able to do that.” – Hannah SU ’16

“Passion Impact helps intern build the skills they need to make a meaningful impact in their personal and professional lives. The work we do positively impacts other students in our communities and helps them find their passions!” – Makaylaa FA’16


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Positions  Available 

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Sponsorship Interns

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Grant Writing Interns


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Public Relations Intern


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Donor Relations Intern


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What can we offer?

    • Class Credit
    • Possible Work-Study
    • Experience helping build a startup
    • Collaborative office environment with food
    • Leadership experience
    • Mentoring through your position
    • A chance to leave a lasting impact

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Dates, Location, & Eligibility

The internship program begins on June 19, 2018 and runs through August 16, 2018 with room for possible extension. We will be meeting at our office at 5311 SE Powell Blvd, Ste. 102, Portland, OR 97206.

We are accepting interns who are in currently enrolled as high school, undergraduate, or graduate students OR students who are less than one year out after graduation from either undergrad or grad school.


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What is required by applicants?

      • Read our expectations
      • Résumé
      • Application
      • At least one reference
      • Background Check if over 18
      • In-person/Video conference interview


Did something catch your eye? Follow this to Apply:

  1. Fill out this application
  2. Send an email to “[email protected]” with the title of the position ex. “Sponsorship Interns Application”
  3. Write brief paragraph as to why you would be a fantastic fit for our family and attach your résumé