Posts by Stefan Peierls:

My Experience with Passion Impact... so far

Every intern who is a part of the internship is going to be a committee leader when the school year starts. We are being taught skills that public schools don’t teach us...

Christina's Internship Reflection

I would not trade the perspective and knowledge I now have even though there are times where reality is not as great as one would hope it to be, because awareness is an essential part of creating change.

What does passion mean to you?

If you’re happy with your current state of life, then you’re passionate in whatever you’re doing to keep that happiness.

My internship experience

This internship has been a place of growth and nourishment for me—a safe haven. A place I looked forward to every morning at 9:30 am for six continuous weeks.

The Do And Don'ts Of High School

During our freshmen orientation when Mr. Frazier said that high school flies by fast, he wasn’t kidding. High school does change you and it changes who you hang out with.

Volunteering During A Pandemic

We volunteer to give back, gain experience, and probably the most fun, to meet new people.

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