Bella’s Summer Internship Experience

My internship with Passion Impact was both eye opening and fulfilling. Since the day all of us interns started, we were presented with valuable resources and informational workshops. Reading Octavia’s Brood made me more inquisitive of the world around me. Watching a ted talk every week made me recognize my privilege and be more informed about current social justice issues. Throughout the internship I was able to connect and learn about my fellow interns from my school. Being able to laugh and play games together made me feel great. I loved how the responsibility was in our hands as interns and we were able to plan our own events and create our own agenda. Holding informational interviews where us interns were allowed to interview a professional about their job was really interesting. I learned more about my own personal interests and future job prospects. Out of all the workshops that I participated in, my favorite workshop would have to be the personal mission statement workshop because it aided in guiding my own motives. The workshop really pushed me to think about my own values and everyday actions. 

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