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Catalyst for Nonprofits

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Intro, Volunteer, Heart, & Impactor Ranks = PINs

Each of the first four ranks receives a customized pin for their completion!

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Community Impactor Rank = Tie-Dye Grad Cord

Students who reach Community Impactor will automatically receive a white Grad Cord they they will then tie-dye at the Passion Impact Potluck after the Spring Graduation!

Passion Impactor Rank = $500 Scholarships and Grad Stoles

The first 3 students to reach Passion Impactor receive a $500 Scholarship to be used towards their next educational aspiration supported by Bambuza Vietnam Kitchen!

The first 10 students to reach Passion Impactor receive a Graduation Stole!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a time limit?
A: YES! Students have between May 24th and August 31 to complete all ranks.

Q: Which stickers do I use?

A: Each rank has a different icon. Use the icon that correlates with each student’s rank!

Q: What happens when I run out of stickers?

A: Call us or email us before or as soon as you run out! Our contact is below and on our website.

Q: What happens if I don’t have enough stickers for the students that show up at an event?
A: Email us the students’ names and Student IDs. The student should fill out all the information required of them including your signature.

Q: What qualifies as a “Volunteer Event”?
A: At least one hour of service. Our emphasis on events rather than hours in Catalyst is rooted in the repetition and commitment to returning to your organization or other volunteer opportunities.

Q: How are students informed of the volunteer opportunities that we are hosting?
A: We send out monthly and sometimes more frequent emails with volunteer opportunities. Please make sure to add your events to our Calendar so that students can see it on our website.

Q: What should I do if a student leaves their Catalyst at our volunteer event?
A: If you have their contact, reach out to them immediately. If not, call us or email us immediately with their name and student ID.

Q: How can we ensure students return to volunteer with us?
A: Make sure they have a fun time and know that they can invite their friends out too. Tell them when your next volunteer event is happening and get them to sign up for it. Reflecting after the event to understand how they felt about it will help them connect to your organization. Give them their Catalyst sticker and encourage them to continue by emphasizing the prizes, scholarships, and skills they gain through their commitment!

Q: If a student is late, should we count their volunteering toward Catalyst?
A: Understand why they’re late first and let them know that you hope they can make it the next event on time to get the most out of their time. Be up front about their service and that they have to at least volunteer for an hour to receive a Catalyst sticker.
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[rescue_tab title=”Partnership Requirements”]

1. We care incredibly about the safety of youth and want our partners to as well. This excerpt below is part of our Adult Volunteer Policy:

“Partnered Nonprofit and Volunteer Organization Requirements
In order to partner and promote partnered nonprofits and volunteer organizations to students within PI programs, such partnered nonprofits and volunteer organizations must conduct background checks on the following:

  1. All volunteers over the age of 18 who will potentially be alone with any youth under 18
  2. All volunteers who has access to contact information of volunteers under 18
  3. All staff members
  4. All board members who work with and/or who have access to contact information of volunteers under 18″


2. Your nonprofit must have volunteer opportunities available to students under the age of 18. We HIGHLY recommend these opportunities allow for students to come with friends and not require, but allow for their parents to join them.


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