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College Club Program

PCC & PIce-advocate-icon

PCC PI Club and the Community Based Learning Department at PCC are partnering to create a program focused on Leadership, Community Service, and Advocacy.


We both have a goal to get more students engaged in their community, whether through Community Based Learning courses or work study positions or volunteering on and off-campus.

What is the PI Club Purpose?

PI Clubs will serve as a focal point for student community engagement and will provide an outlet to all students free of charge

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Students who wish to volunteer with other students, find out more information about local opportunities, or who are interested in gaining leadership experience through community service, this is the place to start! Basic requirements. Big potential.
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The CEA Rank provides students with the chance to be hired through Federal Work-Study through PCC. This position requires students undergo volunteer resource, community based learning, and communication training. After which, students volunteer at multiple nonprofits in which they are interested taking on the perspective of a journalist. They then use this information, as well as the knowledge they have about community based learning, and advocate for engaging in the community to their fellow PCC students. Each CEA gleans more community awareness through a weekly team reflection. $12/hr and 20 hours per week.
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As an Officer of the PI Club, you lead your club to becoming a hub for all PCC student volunteerism. The following positions are currently offered:

  • President
  • Executive Vice President
  • Vice President of Membership
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary


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College Club Program
Current Budget


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What’s the result?

We envision an increase in attendance in Community Based Learning courses and Work Study positions; an increased passion from those students involved for community engagement through their passions; and increased awareness of how professors can engage with local nonprofits; and an increase in skills for those students involved. Students participating in the PI Club can progress from a General Body Member to an officer within a year and improve on their soft skills, leadership, and community advocacy.


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Pinpointed Skills

Time and Task Management
Time & Task Management

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Want to become a CEA?

We are currently hiring CEA members through our PI Club at PCCSE. Meetings are from 3-5 PM on Friday afternoons where we will hold hirings, trainings, and reflections.

Apply here![/rescue_column]

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As this program grows over the subsequent years, we envision connecting students who become devoted to specific nonprofits to the Volunteer Fair Program we host at local high schools. This will enable a more genuine connection between students and encourage prolonged education after high school.