Programs and Partners Committee


To provide support and guidance for program staff during the planning and evaluation of programs while building and maintaining strong relationships with partners.

Maiyee Yuan

Simeon Jacob

Adrianna Davis

Stefan Peierls

Current Projects

Summer Internship

In preparing for the 2021 Summer Internship Program, the PPC has reviewed the program outline, are reviewing the program evaluations, and will be supporting Adrianna in student interviews and selection.

Volunteer Event Program

The VEP is coming to a close for the 2020-21 school year and the PPC will be supportive of Adrianna in reviewing the evaluations, helping plan a end of year celebration, and adopting specific topics to train the new High School Program Assistant.

Partner Relationships

The PPC is reviewing institutional knowledge of known partners to decide avenues for data management. The next steps will be assessing any training needs.

Youth Board Connection

As the Youth Board comes to fruition, there will be constant contact with the PPC to determine the most beneficial connection points for students to impact programming.

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