DEI Statement

Passion Impact’s DEI Pledge: 

We are committed to developing an environment in which the students and communities we serve are seen, heard, welcomed and supported in their growth with and beyond their involvement with Passion Impact. We strive to foster a culture of openness, continuous learning, humility and social responsibility. Passion Impact is  open to and welcoming of both change and failure in the pursuit of social equity. This is grounded in the words of adrienne maree brown (from her book “Emergent Strategy”), “Change is constant (be like water)” and “Never a failure, always a lesson”. 

Our purpose behind this DEI statement is to wear our beliefs on our sleeve, as to let the students and communities we serve know where we stand in the face of racism, anti-blackness, prejudice and all forms of oppression.  This statement is our first step in identifying and naming the cultural norms and standards upon which our organization has previously been grounded but which have not been conducive of creating a truly inclusive environment.

We acknowledge the roots and history of white supremacy culture and the white savior complex deeply ingrained in the concept of volunteering/volunteerism. We pledge our responsibility and commitment to continue our learning about and to disrupt systems of oppression, injustice, privilege and racism. Passion Impact will be moving from the notion of volunteerism toward the concept of civic engagement & innovation. By moving toward these pillars of action, we are placing more emphasis on the aspect of community work, social cohesion, civic action & civic commitment. 

Our organization is actively choosing to not shy away from open conflict and tough issues, but rather to address these difficult issues head on and challenge our own assumed right to comfort. Recognizing that the work that we do cannot be a one-size-fits-all approach & that our words need to be met with action, our DEI Committee will be finalizing actionable steps for our organization to take in order for us to help create a more equitable community. 

Passion Impact’s DEI committee, students, partners & Board of Directors will review and reflect on this statement on a quarterly basis in order to make any needed adaptations. 

Version 1.0 Created July 2020. Continually in Progress.

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