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Don’t Burnout

When students overcommit, lose motivation, and become stressed, the motivation to work gets diminished. Burning out can come from internal and external pressures that can lead to collapsing motivation and often bring along negative attitudes towards school, a job, a project, or another opportunity. In order to avoid this feeling and have a fun, check out our tips to help avoid burnout!


  1. Don’t say yes to everything. It’s awesome to have multiple interests. Being able to dip your toe into different places can provide infinite opportunities and learning experiences. However, it’s extremely important to limit yourself. You can’t do everything! Saying yes to as much as you can handle not only decreases stress, but allows you to commit yourself more to a few projects giving you greater results in those areas!
  2. Plan your time and avoid being impulsive! (Well, sometimes it’s ok.) Being impulsive keeps things interesting, but it can also lead to unwanted stress. Planning your time will help keep you focused, which will help you avoid overworking.  Pro Tip: Always leave time incase last minute or impulsive plans arise! This way you can stay on track and still have time for fun.
  3. Draw on past experiences to make decisions on how to act. Understanding yourself and how you work comes from reflecting on past experience. Use yourself as a tool!
  4. Have a calendar – know what’s going on! Keeping note of events, dates, and deadlines will keep you in the loop and out of stress.
  5. Prioritize. Ask yourself, what means the most to me? Prioritizing will help you pinpoint exactly what tasks you need to accomplish by determining what is most important.
  6. Find a way to de-stress. Take a walk,  read a book, or play some frisbee. Anything you can do to relax and destress will help keep you focused!
  7. Set reasonable goals. Knowing your limits will help you to set goals that you can actually achieve. Finishing a task will give you a great sense of accomplishment and help keep you achieving more!
  8. Communication is key! Make sure to clearly communicate with the people you work with. Making sure everyone is on the same page will help with setting goals, finishing tasks, and keeping a positive work environment.
  9. Take responsibility. People are relying on you because they know that you can complete a task, but if things go wrong, make sure to take responsibility for your actions to prevent mishaps in the future!
  10. Remind yourself there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. No matter how tough the going gets, remind yourself that there is always an end. There will be brighter days!
  11. Know when to take a step back. Sometimes it’s ok to quit or take a break. Once something no longer makes you happy or you’re feeling overwhelmed it’s ok to step back from activities. This can be extremely hard, but it can help you keep a balanced lifestyle.
  12. ReflectWrite it down, talk it out, or go to a quiet space to think. Taking time to reflect will help keep you on track!
  13. Balance your free time. Have a hobby! Making sure to have a variety of interests will help you from getting stuck in a rut, that being said…
  14. Get involved in something outside your niche. Sometimes when you spend too much time or energy in one place it can be exhausting. Get out of the bubble! Expanding your reach will help keep you rejuvenated and ready to roll.
  15. Anticipate when your impact will come to fruition. It’s hard to work at something without seeing results. Sometimes it takes time in order for your vision to come to life. You have to chip away at a piece of marble thousands of times before you see a sculpture! It could take minutes, days, months, or even years. Think to yourself how long it will take before you see an impact to help you measure your work.
  16. Have fun! Making sure you enjoy what you do and have a positive attitude while doing it. It will help keep you engaged!
  17. Be active in the big picture. Knowing what goal your efforts are striving to reach will help keep you motivated.
  18. Admit when you need help. We’re all human which means two things: we can’t do everything on our own and we don’t like admitting it. Learning to ask for help when it’s needed can lower stress levels and allow you to focus on what you can accomplish, instead of focusing on what you can’t.
  19. Give love. The saying goes you have to give love to get love. If you want the best result, put the best effort in!
  20. Surround yourself with the right people. Having positive influences surrounding you greatly influence your attitude and productivity. “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn. Who do you want to be? And who do you need to be surrounded by in order to get there?
  21. Honesty. Be honest with yourself and others with how you feel, how you’re doing, and if there’s anything you need. Bottling it up will only lead to an explosion.
  22. Celebrate! It’s all about the little milestones that keep you going in the long run. Don’t forget time to remind yourself that you are awesome!
  23. Look for ways to energize yourself. By generating energy through exercising your passions, you can charge yourself up for the next activity. Look for those areas that will continue to energize you for your next step.
  24. Maintain perspective. Similar to know the why behind your actions, make sure you take a step back and see how what you’re doing plays into the bigger picture. This bigger picture could be the organization, your school or community, or possibly your life.
  25. Make sure you’re invested. Do a check in with yourself. Are you truly invested in what you’re doing? If so, confirm it with yourself every so often so that you stay committed through the good and even the bad.
  26. Know expectations before hand – be prepared! Huge! Ask questions and figure out a basic understanding of what you’re getting into so that you don’t burnout after you have invested time, effort, and resources into a goal.
  27. Prove to yourself you can finish. Sometimes being burnout comes because of constant burnout. You may not be accustomed to finishing a project or goal. Prove to yourself that you can finish something so that your next project doesn’t crumble beneath you too. Push hard and make it happen!

The team here at Passion Impact hopes to help you volunteer your passions. Using these tips can help you create healthy habits and prevent burnout with whatever you do!

~This list was created by our Summer ’16 Internship Program~