Faith’s Winter Internship Experience

Hi, I’m Faith Isibor and throughout this internship, I have gained many new leadership and time management skills. I have strengthened my ability to lead a group when I facilitated one of our meetings, and I strengthened my ability to work in a group. This experience was not only informative and fun, but it was also an experience that will be beneficial for me throughout the rest of my highschool career and through college. With this internship, I have had to balance my school work, other activities, as well as get enough sleep, and that’s how it’s going to be like probably until I retire. Passion impact has prepared me for my future, and has prepared me well enough to be a leader in my community and elsewhere. 

One of my favorite projects that we completed during this internship was the Ted talks because I got to learn about influential people and leaders that are doing great at their job. I got to learn about Stacy Abrams, and how influential she is in her state. Before that Ted Talk I didn’t know who she was and now I have learned that she played a huge role in this year’s Georgia runoffs. The group discussions with other interns really helped me process the Ted Talks even more, and hear different perspectives on the particular topic that it was about, as well as being able to communicate with my peers.

The workshops allowed for me to learn more about certain topics like hard and soft skills and different types of biases. They were very informative and interactive, and since we typically don’t learn things like this in normal classes in school, some of the information in these workshops were completely new to me. I also enjoyed attending the Mental Health resources event because I have been thinking about doing psychiatry as a career, and it really broadened my horizons on mental health and therapy. I still am not one-hundred percent sure on whether or not I want to have mental health the focus of my career, but I do know that I want to be more knowledgeable about it, and be able to provide any types of resources for people as a healthcare professional.

Overall, I learned a lot more during this internship than I can type, but most importantly I became more confident in my ability to lead and in my ability to manage many activities and assignments at once. I am very excited to continue working with the other interns and help lead this club together after the internship is over, and I am most definitely very excited to participate in the essential worker packaging volunteer event.

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