High School Club Program

After a meaningful evaluation of the Fall 2018 Volunteer Fair, students in the Volunteer Fair Program brought forth the confession that they did not feel their time serving their student body was not impacting them in a meaningful way. They recommended that Passion Impact refocus all efforts on supplying volunteer events for the student body. This notion, combined with the request of the SUN Coordinator to host monthly volunteer events on campus, spurred the beginning of the High School Club (HSC) Program.

Students in the HSC collaborate on developing monthly events that benefit specific community partners while inviting companies to join in on the fun. This connection between employees and students provides students with the chance to connect about educational aspirations that lead to careers about which they are curious.

We partner with the College and Career Counselor to encourage students to use these on campus, easily accessible, volunteer events as a way to complete their Career Related Learning Experiences, of which they need two to graduate. In addition, our partnership with the AVID classes at Franklin High School depends on these monthly events as AVID teachers will be requiring 10 hours of volunteering throughout the school year.

Students in the HSC meet once a week with mentors to assess their planning progress for their upcoming monthly volunteer events. All training that occurs supports students as leaders to inspire their student body to volunteer!


You may already enjoy mentoring and if you haven’t, it’s a blast! We welcome your support as mentors to keep students on track as they build their monthly volunteer events! Want to learn more? Click the button below!