Internship Program

Communication is a core strength of Passion Impact and without it, students will find it very hard to connect to volunteering events. To represent students in our promotion of volunteerism, it makes the most sense for students to be the ones communicating!

Our Internship Program is designed for students to take the helm as Public Relations Interns. As such, their purpose is to promote volunteerism through social media, photos and videos, tabling and other outreach, writing press releases and blogs about their experiences, and by calling students weekly.

To support students in their work, we partner with local and national volunteers who provide professional development training based on current trends, projects, and jobs in the workforce. These volunteers pull from their experience and work with the Interns to connect the information back to the Intern’s objectives.

We partner with SummerWorks in order for students to be paid for their work in the summer. Throughout the rest of the year, we partner with the WEX-Y Program to continue supporting students who wish to work and apply their education to work experience. To keep updated on any Internship position openings, visit the link below:

Professional Training Volunteer

We offer interns continuous training throughout their internship to supplement their work. Professional experience can help students learn and apply practical skills currently being used in the workplace. For those of you already in the workplace, this is an opportunity for you to inspire students as they continue on their educational journey. Read through the following topics that tie to the internship curriculum:

  • Tabling
  • Press releases
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media
  • Research and development
  • Photos and videos
  • Video Editing
  • Email marketing
  • More…