Janice’s Winter Internship Experience

When I first saw this internship available, I was unsure of applying to it. However, knowing my lack of leadership abilities, I obtained my courage and nervously clicked on the submit button. When I received an email that I got in, I was so happy and anxious! These past two months have taught me so much about collaboration, leadership skills, staying in contact with members, and a bit of remote public speaking. I wished this internship could have been held in-person because that would have been so exciting to meet new people physically! Even so, this online experience has been tremendously entertaining by spectating others with technological issues. 

What I loved about this internship is designing and creating a volunteering event with the other interns. I learned how to calculate funds, create virtual flyers, fundraise online, lead a group meeting, and set up google forms. From the workshops and TedTalks, I have acquired a lot of knowledge of diversity, equality, social issues, and so much more. Have you ever created a club before? Well, I have not, until Passion Impact! Starting a new club is difficult because recruiting people and advertising is always challenging. However, I have learned to persuade people to join our events and gamedays. I’m excited to see how this club will turn out next semester!

Overall, my mentor and peers have helped me build my confidence by allowing me the space to share my opinions. It was a pleasure to be able to work with new people with different perspectives. I enjoy listening to others share their thoughts, and I loved it when we made connections. Something I will take away from this internship is the W.A.I.T acronym, which stands for “Why am I talking?” I admire this because it makes total sense. This is something I will remember in the future when talking with friends and family. I learned about this from our community agreements during our social justice workshops. The workshops that were held have taught me a lot about different views of stereotypes, bias, soft skills, hard skills, interviews, and learning to be patient with others. Thank you for your time!

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