Kevin’s Winter Internship Experience

I would describe my internship experience so far as going by pretty quick. It feels like yesterday was our first day but in reality we are in the last days of it. I joined the internship because I wanted to experience what a real-life job felt like as well as acquiring new skills that could benefit me in the future. It has been pretty good and interesting, for example, I learned how to make an event as well as making a Sun Club which was exciting and stressful. 

Some moments I enjoyed from this internship were the game days. We got to meet the other Passion Impact interns from Franklin and played games with them. I enjoyed the games because we just relaxed and talked to one another. Another thing that made me happy was testing out games for the club game day. we just got to hang out with one another and come up with ways to recruit people to Passion Impact.

One project that interested me in particular, was the Soft vs Hard skills workshop

because it shows the importance of having an easy skill and difficult skill. It gives us the perspective of what people considered as a hard skill and a soft skill. My internship as a whole has been pretty great, there were some moments where I felt stressed and other times where I had a lot of fun. I’m grateful for the opportunity that’s been given to me and the people I have met through this journey.

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