• $100/month: One High School Student’s Internship
    Six students from our partner high schools apply, interview, and are selected to take on a 144 hour paid internship. Friendships blossom and leadership is ignited as interns practice facilitation, collaborate in planning civic engagement events, participate in social justice training, recruit and interview up to nine team members, and explore different educational pathways post high school toward a myriad of careers. 
  • $75/month: Keep the lights on
    We have an obligation to our students to serve them in ways they see best. In order to do this, we need your support to maintain our foundational elements: update our insurance; keep databases to organize all internal information; pay employees taxes because it’s the law; provide necessary office supplies; and maintain our website and its security. Oh yeah, and to actually keep the lights on in our office!
  • $30/month: DEI Investment
    If you haven’t read our DEI Statement, check that out first. We will be revisiting it at least twice a year as well as continuing our efforts to dismantle white supremacy and systems that inequitably disenfranchise students that we support. Our Board members, staff, and other volunteers will participate in at least two Social Justice trainings planned by the DEI Committee throughout the year. In addition, all new staff and Board members will receive books and guides to help them explore DEI on their own.
  • $25/month: Catalyst Prizes
    All students in the Volunteer Event Program have the opportunity to pursue ranks within PI that provide them with prizes. Ranks are attained through the service they provide, the reflections and blogs they write about their service, participating in group article discussions, exploring themselves through guided introspection, as well as participating in Informational Interviews. Prizes range from pins, to stoles, to even $500 scholarships for three qualified seniors!
  • $20/month: Virtual Activities
    Feeling isolated, cramped, and irritated with all of the distractions of home, is and will continue to be a problem moving forward with online school. By providing access for students to collaborate and socialize, virtual activities through Zoom and GivePulse help our students not feel so alone.
  • $10/month: Provide Snacks
    In the past, parents depended on the school and PI to provide food and snacks for their children, especially after school. We want to make sure that parents can still have that sense of food security as we provide some food for our students through gift cards when we’re not able to meet in person and through snacks and meals that students can take home after socially distant meetings.

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