My Experience with Passion Impact… so far

My experience with Passion Impact has brought me nothing but contentment. Ever since I joined in December of 2019, I’ve had so much fun making new friends and gaining new skills that are just necessary for everyday life. I had the pleasure of getting to know Stefan a little better. He is the founder of PI and a great person in general, almost everything I learned while being a part of PI is thanks to him. When I heard about the internship, I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to continue being a part of the Volunteer Event Program through summer. Signing up for it, I was expecting it to be similar to what VEP looks like, but when the time came for it to start, I realized that it’s way better than that. 

During the internship, we are being trained to be VEP leaders. Every intern who is a part of the internship is going to be a committee leader when the school year starts. We are being taught skills that public schools don’t teach us, such as resume and cover letter writing, ways to answer job interview questions, and much more. Throughout the internship, there were projects that we had to do. These projects required us to use skills that we would need as leaders and slowly, but inevitably, we became prepared to be leaders of the VEP members we recruited. I’m really glad I was able to be a part of this internship because it taught me some fundamental skills that I don’t think I would’ve learned anywhere else.

Written by:
Helen Nikitin
Development Committee Leader of the VEP
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