My internship experience

This internship has been a place of growth and nourishment for me—a safe haven. A place I looked forward to every morning at 9:30 am for six continuous weeks. A place where I could express my opinions and feelings without beady eyes or harsh judgment. A place of excitement and eagerness. A place of curiosity and the riveting unknown. Throughout the six weeks of this internship, I not only created new connections but also deepened current ones!

I joined Passion Impact in October of 2019, and every day since then has been a new lesson or a new experience. At the beginning of this year, I heard our High School Program Coordinator, Adrianna, was planning a summer internship. This sparked my interest immediately! My hopes for the internship was to come out as a strong leader, supportive peer, and a role model. To give 110% in all of my projects! 

Coming into this internship I was hesitant about my skills as a leader and the work I would be putting out. As the internship went on, I proved myself wrong. Our team collaboratively created and executed a recruitment plan for this following school year’s new VEP members. Through our workshops, I have become more knowledgeable about social justice, diversity, identity, and inclusion, and was able to connect with my peers on a more personal level through having conversations with one another on these topics. I have also become more familiar with how to’s in specific situations that can be applied to real-life events in my future timeline. I learned to be observant of the world that stands in front of me from reading and reflecting on the book Emergent Strategy. I leave this internship with no regrets but instead with memorable moments and personal growth.

Written by:
Mery Gurung
Eventers Committee Student Leader in VEP
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