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Community-Based Learning (CBL) is a concept that, in it’s basic form, connects class curriculum to community needs. Teachers are constantly stretched thin with a myriad of competing requirements that pull their attention away from engaging in meaningful education. We want to make it easy for teachers to engage their students while simultaneous giving them more time to complete all of their requirements.

The Classroom Workshop Program is a program with AVID teachers at Franklin High School (FHS) to connect AVID curriculum with CBL curriculum. AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination and is a national education organization that prepares students for college, careers, and life through student-centered curriculum. Students in every 9th,10th, and 11th grade AVID classes engage in a monthly workshop throughout the entirety of the school year.


Not every student can make time, knows how to engage in, or understands the benefits of community service. Student leaders at Franklin High School (FHS) who complete the summer internship lead a team to plan, implement, and evaluate monthly volunteer events on their campus to make volunteering equitable to the entire student body.

Students in the VEP practice their leadership skills while adding a lens of equity and inclusion through ongoing training. After each event, students are required to evaluate their process and outcomes as a group and individually. Through this reflection, students write blogs about their experiences that end up doubling as graduation credits for high school and help direct their educational and career pathways.


Community College students aren’t always as connected to their campus and peers as students at a 4-year institution. Many look for a community that speaks to them either socially or through their classes. The ACE position is designed to provide the access and avenues for community college students to tap into volunteering, Community-Based Learning (CBL) classes, and Community Service Work-Study (CSWS) positions.

ACE, or Advocates for Community Engagement, is a program that currently partners Passion Impact with Portland Community College (PCC) CBL Department and PCC Financial Aid. Students who matriculate from Portland Public Schools have the chance to work as ACEs and receive payment through the Federal Work-Study program.



We want to engage volunteers in our programs who are excited about volunteering! We want volunteers who inspire youth through building intentional relationships! Volunteering in our programs will require that you pass a background check as well as attend an orientation to make sure that we are keeping our students safe.


Passion Impact has 7 committees that meet monthly to support the mission by taking charge behind the scenes. Our goal is to include at least one student on each committee in order to keep the focus on students in all aspects of our endeavors. If your curious about joining any of the following committees, feel free to reach out to start volunteering with us!