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August 21, 2020 – Portland, OR – Passion Impact is proud to announce that on Wednesday August 19, 2020, the Board passed the organizations’ first DEI Statement and Group Definitions. This is a monumental step in acknowledging the systemic racism that is pervasive in the school system, government, and most importantly, the ideas around volunteerism that birthed Passion Impact. 

At the beginning of June 2020, Passion Impact was poised and ready to take on the development of their next Strategic Plan. Adrianna, the High School Program Coordinator and DEI Committee Chair, spoke up about the need to focus on DEI prior to building this plan in order to address systemic barriers and racism. With a full 180 degree turn, the Board united to participate in deep conversations during their first DEI Training that occurred the last weekend of June. 

From that meeting, Adrianna, teased out thoughts from the Board to build the rough draft DEI Statement. She brought this to the next DEI Committee meeting on July 6 to which students, Board members, and PI Alumni attended. This round of discussion brought about a draft that was presented to the Board on July 16, 2020. More deliberation ensued and at the next DEI Committee meeting on August 3, 2020, the DEI Statement was finalized. 

The Board voted unanimously on August 16, 2020 to adopt Passion Impact’s first DEI Statement and Group Definitions. 

Passion Impact will be moving from the notion of volunteerism toward the concept of civic engagement & innovation. By moving toward these pillars of action, we are placing more emphasis on the aspect of community work, social cohesion, civic action & civic commitment. We acknowledge the roots and history of white supremacy culture and the white savior complex deeply ingrained in the concept of volunteerism. We pledge our responsibility and commitment to continue our learning about and to disrupting systems of oppression, injustice, privilege and racism. ”

Read the full DEI Statement here

Read the Group Definitions here

Want to learn more about joining Passion Impact’s DEI Committee and serve to support students in becoming social justice change agents? Email Adrianna Davis at [email protected] 


Passion Impact believes students deserve equitable access to resources and to be their authentic selves within communities they share with one another. They engage students to foster self-awareness, interpersonal understanding, and social justice through civic leadership. Passion Impact students are self-affirmed community members who pursue their passions to achieve a healthier world! Passion Impact is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Portland, OR, working closely with Franklin High School, McDaniel High School, Portland Community College, and the students that attend each.


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