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Stefan Peierls, Co-Founder, Executive Director
Passion Impact
5106 SE Powell Blvd.
Portland OR 97206
Local Phone: (503) 912-4241
[email protected]

November 1, 2021; Portland, OR – Passion Impact is excited to announce the opening of our first Development Coordinator Position! Applicants with strong ties to the community and experience working in philanthropy are highly encouraged to apply.

Based in the community, the Development Coordinator will focus on developing and maintaining relationships. The Development Coordinator will assist and oversee in the creation of the Annual Development Plan that focuses on local and individual donors. They will be responsible for engaging and supporting the Development Committee to ensure timely implementation of the donor stewardship plan and the monthly donor program. As a data driven position, it will be imperative that the Development Coordinator have a strong background in data management and gift processing to ensure accuracy and transparency of financial information. They will be responsible for carrying out individual donor campaigns and orchestrating communication with donors. In collaborating with the Executive Director, they will support the board in helping them implement a culture of philanthropy. The Development Coordinator will also help committees and program staff in understanding where the funds will be supporting PI’s mission and communicating it to donors. Lastly, they will be tasked with increasing the donors and donor contribution to match the needs of the organization and will be held accountable to those goals.

Passion Impact continues to focus internally on their capacity growth and support for their high quality programming. The Development Coordinator will be instrumental in engaging community members to support the sustainability of their programs.

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Passion Impact believes students deserve equitable access to resources and to be their authentic selves within communities they share with one another. They engage students to foster self-awareness, interpersonal understanding, and social justice through civic leadership. Passion Impact students are self-affirmed community members who pursue their passions to achieve a healthier world! Passion Impact is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Portland, OR, working closely with Franklin High School, McDaniel High School, Portland Community College, and the students that attend each.


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