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APRIL 6, 2020 – Portland, OR – Passion Impact is thrilled to announce that as of Monday April 6, 2020, students of Franklin High School are encouraged to apply to the paid Summer Internship.

Passion Impact’s Summer Internship is the training that will prepare student leaders as part of the Volunteer Event Program (VEP) for the 2020-21 School Year. In the VEP, students build monthly volunteer events at their school to make volunteering more equitable and accessible for the entire student body – specifically students who may not have the ability to volunteer off-campus. In addition, they invite nonprofits and community members to volunteer alongside and engage in conversation around educational and career pathways. Students can use these interactions toward graduation as they write about them in Career Related Learning Experiences (CRLEs) of which Portland Public Schools requires two to graduate. 

To prepare students to lead the VEP, the Summer Internship gives students communication, social justice, and organizational tools that allow them to become more inclusive leaders. Students will be required to create job descriptions for themselves and their committees, to plan their first volunteer event of the year, and to recruit and train their entire team. Both Passion Impact and the students applying know that this experience is designed to be challenging, but the goal is not just to provide them with a resume builder. Passion Impact’s goal is to give students the opportunity to fail and to thrive in a collaborative atmosphere that will prompt them to actively engage in their future.

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Passion Impact engages youth in a lifelong exploration of career development through volunteerism and education! Passion Impact believes in a world where students claim community engagement as a tool of connectivity, curiosity, growth, and joy. Passion Impact is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Portland, OR, working closely with Franklin High School, Portland Community College, and the students that attend both.


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