We want to engage volunteers in our programs who are excited about volunteering! We want volunteers who inspire youth through building intentional relationships! Volunteering in our programs will require that you pass a background check as well as attend an orientation to make sure that we are keeping our students safe.

High School Program


Do you remember when you wrote your best paper? The one of which you were the most proud! You may have even taken it to a tutor to try and edit it, but you were so confident that nothing was wrong that you expected them to hand it back to you and say “Great job!”. When in reality, it was covered in red ink more than the black of your own words. Those experiences have made you a great writer today and those who have edited your papers deserve a great deal of respect. You can be that to the students in Passion Impact programs as they write blogs, reflections, promotions, and press releases. Much of their writing links directly to their graduating high school! If you’re interested in supporting students improving their writing skills, apply to become an Editor!

Informational Interview Professionals

Student leaders in the summer internship develop a job descriptions for themselves and for their committees. The duties they choose and how they organize themselves compared to their other committees needs to be rooted in practice. By being available as an informational interview, you are providing yourself to be accessible to these students to visit, learn, and question you about your position and it’s relation to your company. Feel free to sprinkle in your educational and career pathway to give students an idea of what it may take to grow into your shoes.