Parent/Guardian Registration Instructions

You’re only a few steps away from joining the PI team!


1. Create a GivePulse Account

You can create a GivePulse account on your computer or your phone.

2. Register with Passion Impact

If you are 17 or under, you must have your parent/guardian fill out the Volunteer Registration. If they do not have an email, input your email, have them fill out the form with you, and we will call your parent/guardian to confirm your registration!

This is the last question found on the registration.

2a. Franklin High School, Portland, OR Students

This group is specific to students of Franklin High School in Portland Public Schools. You may already be signed up with GivePulse, so try signing in first.

2b. All other Youth!

For youth at any other school in Portland and beyond, sign up for this group!

Having issues?

Please reach out to us at [email protected]