State of PI 2022

Building a Community of Belonging and Learning

You’re invited to join Passion Impact for an evening of belonging and learning – for the chance to hear from the people making the impact! If you’ve attended before (watch SOPI 2021), you know that you will witness a snapshot of each corner of PI. Students in high school, staff, college students, and board members will cover their progress and goals for the next year. Come celebrate the successes of the last year and get excited about our next steps of Building a Community of Belonging and Learning. Plus you’ll find out ways to join in and make a meaningful impact yourself.

Date: Wednesday December 7, 2022 | Time: 5:30 – 7 PM PST | Location: Zoom

Meet your host for the evening:

Sonia Smith-Katakkar


Thank you Bambuza for donating a gift card to Passion Impact!

You’ll be hearing from the following Passion Impact members!

Arsh Haque

Anabelle Jukkala

Ally Fraser-Morales

Andrea Cardenas

Adrianna Davis

Kayley Blethen

Krista Nussbaum

Davida McCauley

Ansar Azali Muhammad

Carly Chan

Kenyahta Sikes

Stefan Peierls

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