Stella’s Winter Internship Experience

Hi! My name is Stella and for 8 weeks I was a Passion Impact Intern. I joined Passion Impact for a variety of reasons, such as getting out of my comfort zone and giving back to my community, and I am extremely glad I did. Without this internship, I wouldn’t have created a volunteering event to help Frontline Workers nor a Club that shines a light on things we need to discuss. I wouldn’t have made the friends I have today without this internship. 

Passion Impact has made me more confident and made me want to meet new people rather than shy away from them. This internship forced me to talk to people I didn’t know, which panicked me at first, yet everyone I talked with was extremely kind and welcoming. The interns I have been working with are some of the nicest people I’ve met. They let you share your opinions without judgment and, if they do disagree, they do so respectfully. 

Two projects we’ve created during this internship, as I stated earlier, were a Passion Impact Club and a Frontline Worker gift basket event. In our Club, we will be hosting volunteering events in which we help others by either educating them or physically doing something to better their situation. For example, doing a presentation about racism vs. an activity like cleaning up a park. Our gift basket event will show Frontline Workers their work is appreciated by giving them gift baskets filled with hand lotion, masks, hand-written cards, etc., which will hopefully brighten their spirits during these tough times. 

Passion Impact is an amazing organization that helps everyone who comes into contact with it. For instance, me. I’m so glad I heard about this internship and hope that others will as well. Without this internship, I wouldn’t have been able to do some of these amazing things I did or meet these amazing people I met.

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