Student Advisory Board

The Student Advisory Board is a student-led group within Passion Impact working to advise the Board of Directors, elevating youth voices within the organization by meeting with one another, discussing student needs and priorities, and bringing that viewpoint to PI leadership. 


Elected SAB officers serve terms from October 1st to September 30th of the following year.

Officers will fulfill one year commitment on SAB.

Officers are elected by a majority of the SAB General Membership.


All members and officers are expected to attend 3 scheduled meetings a month, at minimum. 

All members and officers are expected to review previous meeting minutes and relevant documents prior to meetings.

All members and officers are expected to be prepared to discuss the matters on the agenda.

We expect all members to embody the Passion Impact values and treat one another with respect. 

General members are expected to attend one Board of Directors meeting a year. 

Leadership Opportunities (Officers):

– Facilitate and call SAB meetings to order, send out meeting invitations and relevant documents, and set the agenda.
– Has authority to suspend members for inappropriate behavior
– Suspension is immediate, and may lead to permanent removal by a motion by the General Membership, passed by a two-thirds majority. 

– Document motions and votes, and prepare meeting minutes to be reviewed within 48 hours of adjournment meeting time. 

Board Representative [x3]
– Two fixed positions who will sit on the Board of Directors meetings, represent the SAB, and report back to SAB. 

General Members
– Members will actively engage in SAB meetings and discussions.
– General Members may propose motions, and vote on SAB business. 
– General Members may choose to attend BoD meetings as observers
– May sit in on the Board of Directors meeting alongside Board representatives, represent the SAB, and report back to SAB.

Junior Members
– Following application approval by a majority of the General Membership, incoming members will initially serve as Junior Members. 
– Junior Members are promoted to General Membership after attending 3 weekly meetings in their first month. 
– Lack voting and motion rights until prompted to general membership as listed above.

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