Student Programs

Passion Impact currently supports students who attend Franklin High School, McDaniel High School, Portland Community College, and Portland State University.

Student and School Designation

We partner with schools that support students with large populations of historically marginalized students. In Portland, OR, this takes the form of SUN schools for after-school programs and with AVID Programs for in-class workshops. Many of the students we support receive free/reduced lunch, are students of color, or are immigrants or refugees.

In partnering with students at new schools, we intentionally connect students in our current programs to create bonds across geographical divides. The driving purpose is for students to build friendships in other parts of their city, state, and across the world. 

We are actively moving away from a savior complex with regard to recruitment and programming and recognize students’ power to choose our programs. We hope to use this mentality to break down the systemic barriers that currently propel students into programs that perpetuate the cycle of socialization. 

The greater mission behind SUN Service is to effectively engage and support all children and families so they are healthy, educated, and prosperous. They prioritize the program that will have the greatest outcome for those experiencing barriers, as well as invest in culturally specific and culturally responsive services. 

AVID is founded in the idea that teachers are inherently passionate about education. AVID helps teachers shift from delivering content to facilitating learning, resulting in an inquiry-based, student-centric classroom. These elements are at the core of our approach to closing the opportunity gap.

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