Tania’s Summer Internship Experience

I found out about Passion Impact through my school SUN page. I recently transferred to Franklin so I thought it would be a great opportunity to get involved in my school’s community. Joining this internship has been a really great opportunity, through these 6 weeks I have really learned more about myself and how I can make a change in my community to better our environment. 

So far I have really enjoyed reading Dark Matter, and hearing the stories of BIPOC authors. My all time favorite story in Dark Matter would be Greedy Choke Puppy by Nalo Hopkinson. I really enjoyed the plot twist and the vivid details, and hearing about different types of folklore. I really enjoyed the ted talks, I ended up finishing them and then started exploring the different types of articles they have. 

My favorite part of the VEP internship would be planning the events and helping our community. I really like the community needs worksheet where we researched and thought about what our community really needs help on. I can’t wait to start planning more events. I also really like the College worksheet, I finally realized that I would like to go into the biology field. 

I would recommend this internship to anyone, you will meet great people and learn more about yourself and make great memories.


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