Current Online Programs

We are still here making career exploration and volunteering available to our youth. Learn about our tele-programs and join in! Do you need to register with Passion Impact? This can help make more opportunities available – for free!

We use two communication platforms:

Meetings for All Youth!
Meetings for Registered Youth

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Informational Interviews

This is your chance to learn from professionals without leaving your room. We invite professionals from industries in which YOU are interested to talk about their educational and career pathways. Join us on Monday’s and Wednesday’s and ask some of your own questions.

Who? Up to 100 youth are welcome! ALL youth can join!
When? Mondays and Wednesdays from 4-5 PM PST
Where? Zoom Video Conference
How do I sign up? Zoom registration

Blogs and Vlogs!

You may like to write or take videos already – GREAT! Let’s put your creative compositions to use. Write or Vlog about topics from a list that Carly and previous Public Relation Interns have created. Express your perspectives and learn what others have to say about them! We will post these on our website, on Youtube, and feature you in our Newsletter!

Who? All youth invited!
When? Anytime!
Where? Email, phone, and Zoom correspondence
How do I sign up? GivePulse Registration

In order to join the following programs, your parent/guardian must sign our Volunteer Registration. Register by clicking below:

Article Discussions

Our education and understanding of the world around us doesn’t stop just because school temporarily has. In order to keep our minds active during this time, PI will be hosting weekly discussions around a different topic area. These discussions will be based off of articles we are asking students to read before they join a video call every Tuesday. Articles will range from current events, to social justice topics, to volunteerism & more. Each weeks articles & video calls will be accessible via Slack for students registered with PI.

Who? Registered Passion Impact youth
When? Tuesdays from 12-1 PM PST
Where? Slack
How do I sign up? GivePulse Registration

Volunteer Event Program

Skill building does not have to be lost just because we are building future volunteer events from home. The VEP continues with online meetings for students already in the program. We will be introducing summer internships soon to train leaders to plan, host, and evaluate monthly volunteer events. Why spend all of the time planning if we don’t know when the volunteer events will happen? By spending more time on the planning phase, students can build an entire library of events to host that may respond better to current future events. Plus, it’s fun to build these events! This group is a maximum of 16 students. Interested in learning more? Join us at our weekly info meetings of Fridays!

Who? Maximum 16 Registered Passion Impact youth
When? Thursdays from 12-1:30 PM PST
Where? Slack
How do I sign up? GivePulse Registration