Volunteer Event Program (VEP)

Not every student can make time, knows how to engage in, or understands the benefits of civic engagement. High School leaders who complete the paid Summer Internship lead a team to plan, implement, and evaluate monthly volunteer events on their campus to make volunteering equitable and accessible to the entire student body.

Civic leadership is a means to network, to practice interpersonal and problem-solving skills, and to enjoy spending time with friends that lead to jobs. It also promotes community appreciation that creates experiential narratives for scholarship, college, trade school, and job applications leading to better student engagement.

Students in the VEP practice their leadership skills while adding a lens of equity and inclusion through ongoing training. After each event, students are required to evaluate their process and outcomes as a group and individually. Through this reflection, students write blogs about their experiences that end up doubling as graduation credits for high school and help direct their educational and career pathways.

Our objectives are to increase student engagement with classes, community service, real-world application of education, and career focus by an average of 21% for 150 underserved FHS students through the work of the High School Program Coordinator during the 2020-21 school year. In serving over 200 students, the High School Program Coordinator will help 150 of them accomplish 100 graduation requirements, 250 classroom requirements, and 90 college and job applications.

We strive to support our students without stretching our staff to the brink of burnout. Students, if you believe that you could benefit from our support, check out our out School and Student designation.