What does passion mean to you?

Passion. What does the word ‘passion’ really mean? The textbook description of passion is as follows: “A strong, extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything. Any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as in love or hate”. However if you ask around, you’ll find that everyone has their own description of passion that relates to their own personal life, but that description will still center around the main concept of passion. For example if you were to ask me what passion means, I would respond: “Passion is directly related with happiness. If you’re happy with your current state of life, then you’re passionate in whatever you’re doing to keep that happiness.”

Digital art, specifically photography and video production, have always held a significant role in my life. My mom had bought a camera a couple years after I was born and I was always fascinated by it, taking pictures and recording videos whenever she’d let me use it. Then around age 13, I built my first computer. It wasn’t anything special, built with the cheapest parts I could find, but it helped me find my way into video and photo editing software. Over the next couple years I taught myself how to edit by recording videos of my friends as well as making short montages of the video games I played. When I entered high school, that’s when I realized this was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. As I explored deeper into photography and video production, I discovered a lot about myself. Shooting and editing photos and videos was fun and all, but I found myself doing it because I enjoyed making people happy, and seeing the reactions from people when I showed them what I had created. Expressing myself through helping others express themselves is what brings me happiness, so based off of my earlier description, I know that it’s my passion. 

So what does the word ‘passion’ mean to you? How does your description of the word passion directly correlate with your life? I asked myself this every day until I could finally answer it. And once you’re able to answer it, it will significantly improve your quality of life. You will have a reason to do what you do and a motivation to keep doing it. 

Written by:
Christian Waite
Advertising Committee Student Leader of the VEP
Read more about Christian here: chrwaite.wixsite.com/website

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