Youth learning Cohort (YLC)

The purpose of the YLC is to provide an opportunity for youth to grow as activists and social change agents.

We believe that our current education system does not make room or time for students to engage in discussions of the real life barriers and restraints that are brought about by the many social issues in our country and across the globe. The YLC is a 10 week experience in which a group of students will engage in both social justice learning and leadership development through the creation & implementation of a community based social justice focused event held at the end. Through their experience, students will engage in workshops, talks, group discussions, readings, training and more to grow in their understanding and knowledge of an array of social justice based issues. In addition, Passion Impact will provide guidance & resources to help youth organize their civic engagement event.

Goal 1

For youth to grow in their self awareness, participate in identity development & expand their cultural empathy.

Goal 2

For the YLC to produce a community event that aims to bring people together and create a healthier world.

Goal 3

For YLC youth to feel confident in themselves and to have gained the tools to help them make the impact they want to see in the world.


• Gain Leadership and project management skills
• Grow in your social justice/Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) knowledge
• Engage in free social justice/DEI Workshops and Presentations
• Make an impact on your community
• Food/Meals provided for meetings
• $250 stipend
• PPS .5 Elective Credit
• Experience to add to your resume/write about for college applications and scholarships 


Mental Health Awareness with NAMI Multnomah
Race & the Model Minority Myth with APANO
• Environmental Justice with SOLVE
Disability Justice with Youth Celebrate Diversity
The Prison Industrial Complex with Master Artist Michael Bernard Stevenson Jr.

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